Marrisa F.

I thought I had it bad with wanting to eat brunch out every weekend after every camp and having 'after race' munchies that last a week. But this girl here... Has a very demanding job. She works for a major sports league that has her at mixers and meetings all the freaking time. I admire her for showing major restraint and discipline. Aside from the pounds and inches lost, this girl keeps killing her mile time, dropping it week by week. That's another thing I want my girls doing to gage their fitness: time their miles. And in all aspects, Marissa keeps on killing it. Bye bye, back fat. This girl is going far. Congrats @rissreconstructed! Now also one of #LetisReconstructed.

Megan C.

Some of my favorite transformations come from those that post often. It allows me to see their sweat, their mindset, and their changing physique. Well, this tall drink of water consistently showed me that she was killing it at the gym. She always has this smile that makes me wonder if she worked out or not lol. But the weigh ins and the pics prove me otherwise. Look at how beautiful that shape is! Megan wasn't perfect either. She had her setbacks and enjoyed her cocktails, but knew when to buckle down. Everybody give it up to @megsinthecity16! Another one of #LetisReconstructed If you have any questions on online training, please visit my website (link in bio). I can help you get started. Th

Justina P.

My youngster Justina, even with the pressure of school, proved that a little sweat and discipline can work magic. THREE FREAKING MONTHS. Justine: "With school finally done I have one less thing to worry about and a little more time to actually plan well and prep my food for the week. Other than that, I'm really happy I can do more pushups as well as lift my 10 lb dumbbells like nothing." Haha, like nothing! :) I only wish I started at her age too. 20 years old. Congratulations Justina. Looking forward to what's next for you. Disclaimer: Individual results will vary from person to person.

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