Meredith H.

Meredith didn't think she was worthy of being featured today. She said she hasn't given it 100%. But when do we ever really do? And for a long time? THIS is why I think Meredith is more than just feature worthy. She's been training under me for a year now. And when most give up, or revert back to old habits, she is still out here fighting the good fight. Perfection is often unattainable, and that's what I want you guys to understand. People have long jobs, often 2. Relationships and jobs that don't exactly help with your fitness and nutritional goals. But as long as you have more good days than bad, it adds up. . Help me congratulate @operationshrinkthesehips. #LetisRECONSTRUCTED

Maya P.

Can you believe this is "only" 7 pounds on the scale? Looks like a bigger loss, right? Help me congratulate my personal training client, Maya! She came wanting to get stronger for Spartan Races, and with it, she created some awesome curves and muscles! My proudest moment came when she completed a race and said "I have never felt so strong out there on a course!" Truly one of #LetisRECONSTRUCTED . My primary focus with working with me is to change the way you THINK. About the process, about nutrition and having the power in your OWN hands. To understand what it truly takes to go beyond a few weeks and short-lived "diet". Because if you don't have the patience and determiation to figure out th

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