Michelle C.

My girl Michelle. At first, didn't want me to feature her. But I think this was the one time I had to BEG someone to be featured. She posted this picture of her at a wedding she attended, and MY was she glowing. I HAD to post this picture. And so happy she accepted. . This is about a 1.5 years progress, with a 4 month break in between. Super proud of this mom of 2. Congratulations @cvfabmama <3

Cindy G.

This is Cindy, she is old school #TeamGrinderGlam and joined my coaching group in June. In only 2 MONTHS, has totally transformed her body. She joined the 6-week Reconstruction Challenge with a goal of 141.7, and after her last weigh in, she's only a few pounds away from achieving that goal! Super excited to see her September 1 photos! I'm sure you will be seeing them soon, as well ;) Help me congratulate @cyndeegeee another one of #LetisRECONSTRUCTED If you're interested in joining my September coaching group and Challenge, DM or email me! I'll send you all the details to get you snatched before the holidays!

Melissa S.

Happy 1 Year Fitversary to my PT client @melby0508 In her words, "A year ago I was sad on how much I struggled with little things. I followed you for a year before I got the courage to do my first bootcamp with you. Once I went, I was hooked! In a year, you have brought me from unfit slug to a Spartan Trifecta, and an Olympic Tri in September. I really couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for giving me my life back. I look forward to continuing this journey with the tools and knowledge you have provided me! Oh, and I can't believe how much I love lifting heavy things!".That last line though! My chicks don't just focus on weight loss, but the GAINZ. So proud of her and excited for w

Heather G.

Nobody wants to work hard these days. The 8 minute abs, the 21 Day this, the 10 Day that. Not on our watch. We KNOW what it takes. And we know we want to hold on to it for more than a month. Heather is exemplary of all of this. She hardly misses workouts, she is always looking for a good recipe or snack. And every now and then she MESSES UP. And it's ok. . This morning at 4:56am she posted: "Sacrificing sleep for #goals! Road trip to Nashville means doing my workouts on the road, buying a refrigerated cooler for my meals and making it HAPPEN. Shit ain't easy, but WORTH IT! Absofuckinglutely girl. Give it up to Heather!

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