Jessica C.

Jessica is my new mommy. She came to me 3 month's postpartum and hit the ground running. I love Skyping with her because she always has the little one there with her. Truly inspiring that this busy new mom has made time for herself, and making herself a priority too, because her kids will count on her to be there to be active with them. If you're interested in training with me, contact me!

Daisy G.

Congratulations to the winners of the Reconstruction Diet Bet that was held from November until New Years. These chicks took on a challenge on the HARDEST months imaginable and hot damn they killed it. . Daisy smashed EVERY. SINGLE. CHALLENGE she took on. I mean, this girl tracked every single morsel that went in her body. Told her she HAD to because she didn't have much to lose and was looking to gain some lean muscle. She goes to another gym, so she had the workouts down. Just needed nutritional coaching and accountability. I've had people from Crossfit or the Camp reach out to me, because as most know, all the workouts in the world don't matter, if we're eating like buttholes all the tim

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