Gabby V.

I was going to post Gabby earlier, but saw she was kicking ass this month, and pushed her to finish the month to post her 2 month results. TWO MONTHS, guys! . “Thank you! I've never done workouts like this before, but honestly I love it. My pants fit looser and I'm not starving... . You're the best decision I've made. Thank you and thank you for messaging me back so quickly you truly are one of my biggest inspirations.” . Gets her workouts in. Tracks everyday. Give it up to my girl Gabby! #LetisRECONSTRUCTED . It is NOT too late to sign up for May! Contact me with any questions and let’s get you started. Summer awaits! Email on my bio or DM me!

Juan A.

Juan. I hope this feature shows as proof that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, ages and genders. Juan came in first at my Spartan Training yesterday, getting in 5 laps with time to spare! Give it up to my boy, Juan. A new month of online coaching starts next week! Join me and my crew as we work out butts off for more confidence this Summer. It doesn't take much, just a little determination. DM or email me!

Fitness, Weight Loss, Coaching


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