Johnnie M.

Last week was my late week of training Johnnie. It was bittersweet as it’s been freakin amazing to see his growth in just 4 short months but know that he has the fortitude and determination to see him continue pushing his limits. Repost from @johnn1e: “It’s been real . Last night I finished my last training session with @leti_reconstructed. It’s been one crazy experience. I came in with little self-confidence and major low self-esteem. Honestly, after my first couple sessions, I thought I was untrainable. I kept getting frustrated with myself because I felt I was doing horrible with my workouts. I soon learned the key is to just keep up with it. Don’t give up. I kept using failure as my insp

Roge B.

Check out my babe Roge's 3 month's results! Her daughter, Laura has been doing my program, and when mom said she needed help in the nutrition department, she told her about me. . And that's like 99.99% of everyone's problem: Most of us love to workout and generally make it out there consistently. But have no idea why things aren't happening. I can help. With practical advice, and no food limitations, I can help you achieve your goals if you are willing to take on the challenge. . We begin the next round of coaching on Monday! . Help me congratulate this Bad Ass Mama, Roge!

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