• Leticia Becerra

Karia B.

Ah, my girl Karia. I meet with Karia 2-3X week and every week she continues to impress me. The girl is already almost catching up to me at a 190# back squat! (not sure who yelled louder when she got the barbell up, her or me lol )


This past weekend her grandmother passed away . I asked if she needed to take some time off and she said no, that it's best she just gets back at it. Talk about dedication and making no excuses.


In a way, sessions are like therapy. Whether it's my trainees or me, I know how much physical strength can correlate to mental strength. Sometimes you need one to conquer the other....


Give it up to @kariasings !


If you are interested in training in the Sherman Oaks area or online coaching hit me up. Best believe I know why you're going through because I live it! But we take it day by day, week by week, pound by pound.


Fitness, Weight Loss, Coaching


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