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Andrea A.

2 Months Progress (with me)

I had the privilege of meeting Andrea at my camp in Fresno. And she's just as hard a worker as I imagined her to be. She started her journey on her own in February, and made tremendous progress after only 4 months!

In July, she started my program, and started focusing more on strength and definition. That's one of the things I push for when working with me, because if it was ONLY about the number on the scale, I'd say "Get on the treadmill for 5 hours, eat lettuce all day, and take a laxative". Because I swear to God, sure seems like some peeps are willing to do stuff like that for a stupid number on the machine. Not any of the girls that sign on with me, and certainly not Andrea.

After only 2 months, just look at those arms, that midsection... that smile. Congrats Andrea. Super proud of you mama.

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