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Courtney F.

"I thought since it was gorgeous outside today, I'd take my Saturday mile to the track. Walking up to it I heard my mind go back to the days of high school when I thought of every excuse possible not to run a mile. I remembered the kids snickering. The insecurities. But today, I put on my beats and stretched. Last week my mile was 13:58. Today, I just wanted to be close to that. As I was running, I left those snickering days behind and remembered I'm not that person anymore and kids can be assholes lol. When I finished and checked my time, I just smiled. No, it doesn't get easier. We just get stronger" Her time was 12:33. Super proud of my girl Courtney. Been smashing it the last 2 months. No meal plans, no intimidating gym machines, and didn't have to buy shakes from me.

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