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Adriane C.

So cool story with Adriane. Her husband used to work with my brother. She saw my sister-in-laws results and contacted me. She was impressed by the fact that my sister-in-law, after 4 kids, was able to find time for herself to get it done... and here Adriane is proving it too. Super impressed by her 2 month progress. Another month, another one of #LetisReconstructed.


So how many of you partook in Father's Day shenanigans? I know I did. But it doesn't mean we say to ourselves "Oh well, Summer's here... There's a bbq every weekend, I might as well wait till the end of the summer" (and another 20 lbs, I'm sure). You FIGHT. NOW. If you need that extra nudge from someone who knows how hard it is (boy do I), I got your back.

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