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Edlin M.

My personal training client Edlin, after only 2 months. I was so excited to train her because I could just tell she was ready to make the change. She comes with her little boy, and while he plays with his toy cars, this little mama gets to work. Every time I send her on a run, her little boy asks "Where's mommy going?".. I say she's running and will be right back. When she gets back he yells "Go Mommy, you can do it!" If there's anything that will keep you focused is knowing your little boy is cheering you on.

Congratulations girl, so honored to have seen your transformation, both physical and mental, in such a short amount of time. Excited to see how you do in the next coming months. #LetisReconstructed

Personal training clients get to do my Saturday #ReconstructionBootcamps for free! I want to make sure you stick with it, even on the weekend. Contact me for info!

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