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Kathleen C

"Attached are my progress pictures....I honestly am crying tears of joy over these. I worked so hard this month and it shows! Today I went shopping for dresses to wear for engagement pictures and it felt amazing to know I could try anything on. I want to thank you, just being there, guiding and encouraging (And taking NO excuses), I was able to tap into a motivation I never had before. I may not be at my lightest weight, but I am definitely at my leanest and know that I am doing it the healthy way! :) thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Kathleen holds a special place in my heart. Exactly 2 years ago, Kathleen attended my very first training session on the hills of Malibu that would eventually become my Spartan Training camps. For someone to entrust me when I haven't even established myself, meant the world. Today on her 3 month check in, I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday this Friday. Now go and celebrate

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