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Megan J.

A consider someone a #LetisVeteran when a trainee succesfully completes, at minimum, 3 months of my program. That's when I know they truly understand how their body’s respond to macros, binges and setbacks, and proper exercise. Megan is most definitely a true Veteran.


Megan started with me in February and spread her wings in July. She emailed her most current picture at the beginning of this month to show me how much she has kept up with it!


June marked my 2nd anniversary of my online training. Since then, 15 months, dozens of transformations and hundreds of pounds lost. More than anything, It makes me happy knowing most of my Veterans are still kicking ass, even with life's curveballs. That has always been my hope with my training. Not that people simply lose weight. Because if that's the case, I know a lot of quick ways to get there... But that they learn life lessons, so that when they go on vacation, travel for work, or simply just had a bad week, they know EXACTLY how to dust themselves off and keep this beautiful journey going.


If you'd like a nudge in the right direction, hit me up!

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