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Alejandra G.

I coached Alejandra 2 years ago. And that girl kicked butt, let me tell you. She reached out to me again 2 month's ago to train her for her first Spartan Beast race coming up this weekend. I stepped up her workouts, gave her timed hikes, and didn't hold anything back because I knew what she was coming up against. Her primary goal was to get stronger and have more endurance. The cherry on top of the cake was her physical transformation. #LetisRECONSTRUCTED. In her words:


"So this is a small progress pic ~2 months difference. If you're ever looking for a personal trainer you NEED to contact @leti_reconstructed. She can do in person or online (like I do since I go to school up north) and you don't even need a gym! She also takes care of your macros. My hats off to you Leti, because without your guidance and badass workouts I wouldn't be able to do this and be where I'm at. It's only two months, but I can't wait for the next."


I'm beyond excited to see how she does this weekend. Will definitely be cheering my little Grasshoppa from far. Help me congratulate and wish @kittyontherunn luck at the Pala Spartan Race!


You down to take your fitness to the next level on your terms and schedule? Don't know where to start? I got your back gurrrrrl.

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