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Melissa S.

Every month, personal training client Melissa proves just how far a little determination goes. There's no 'secret' to all of this. No magical diet, or 'best' workout. It literally is simply pushing herself as hard as she can during our workouts together (I can tell because I watch her heart rate and calorie burn throughout the hour) and plans her meals ahead of time to make sure she's meeting her macros (winging it simply never works). There's a difference between WANTING something and DOING what it takes to get it. She understands this difference and executes it. . Give it up, once again to Melissa. 5 months in and not stopping any time soon. #LetisRECONSTRUCTED . Now taking names for February's online/personal training! Starting next month, ALL trainees get to attend my bootcamp for FREE. It's not too late to get your year started. Contact me for details!

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