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     Client Testimonials

(The testimonials below are only for personal training/online coaching.

You can find bootcamp reviews on my Yelp page*)

"I want to thank  you for being such an amazing influence in my life. You have gone above and beyond what I have ever expected from a trainer (especially considering that you are on the other side of the country!). You have been so responsive, encouraging and helpful, that it has made me feel like I have to do the best for myself because if Leti is so invested in my health, why should I be? I know you're a busy person and I was honestly surprised you even had time to email me when I first asked you about online training. I just want to let you know that I appreciate it soooo much. You are changing lives out there". - Jennifer G.


"Month two almost complete. And I feel so content. I live a normal life and eat normal foods and it's not a diet, it's feeding my body what it needs, and it works. Leti you are an angel. You came at a time in my life where I needed a change, a person to tell me what it is, and one to guide me to loving myself again. And because of you and your guidance, I am learning to love the skin i am in. Thank you so much for all you have done, your encouragement, and most importantly your guidance and friendship." - Crystal V. 


"You've changed me in ways you can't imagine!! From not being able to run a mile to doing 2 Spartan Sprints, 1 Spartan Super, 6 5Ks, 3 10Ks, from a size 18 to a 12 (almost 10!),  from 201 to 175, from weak to strong!! I learned how to eat for my goals, that weight lifting is amazing, and that I CAN do this!! I am forever grateful and love seeing how you are changing others!!   We will keep on because the work never stops and we got goals and shit!" - Andrea A. 


​“Month one done with Leti's online training. I am 10 pounds down! After one month of hard work, focus and encouragement, I have learned how to eat for what my body needs, not just wants and how to commit to something. I still cannot believe it had only been one month of training with Leti. She has made herself available whenever I needed her and I always heard back from her! Sometimes even within a few minutes. It is so nice knowing she really cares about her clients. She doesn't hand you a meal plan and says "good luck". She is with you in every step of the way. Her training has been the best investment I have made this year because I not only invested in her, I am investing in myself! I am so excited to see my progress in the next few months! Go team #reconstructionbyleti”​ - Laura C., Online Client

“Your encouragement and understanding have meant so much. It's not something everyone understands (or even something I feel comfortable admitting to many people) but I feel like you get it. I also feel like you don't want us to fail and I appreciate all your help.Thanks for continuing to inspire, motivate, support, and care for so many women. No matter what's gone on with me lately, I am stronger, smarter, and more focused than I was a month ago because of you. And that in itself is a victory I am going to celebrate.”​ Courtney S., Online Client

“My experience training with this amazing woman has had me on my toes from day one. She's such a great motivator and is always there for you when ever you need her to answer any question... Work outs are amazing and you will feel the burn!!! At first I reviewed them and kept thinking to myself OMG how am I going to do this?! Just the warm up had me breathless!  But like she would always say "Remember PUSH YOURSELF. I'm not there physically, but hear me in your thoughts" so I killed it every time. As the days went by, I kept getting stronger and stronger! What I love the most about her training is that she teaches you flexible dieting, and oh my, I love love love it! So many food options! I can see the changes on my body shaping into place and it has only been 1 month! I love this woman, and like I told her, I want to keep her forever!" Adriana S., Online Client

“Wow I have nothing but great things to say about you! All my life I've struggle with weight issues. Not once have I been a small girl, other than at birth time considering I was two weeks early. I started this journey afraid of lifting weights because I thought I would be incapable of doing such thing and because I thought that was a "guy thing."  Boy was I wrong! I can lift those babies, of course with modifications when needed. I have noticed change in my ability to perform the workouts as well as my ability to push myself to burn more calories. Nonetheless, my real eye opener was when I looked at those progress pictures you emailed me with the comparisons! I had no clue I had accomplish this much growth. I'm so thankful for your motivation and most of all for being such a real supporter with realistic expectations. Leti, you are not changing my appearance, you are changing my way of life by instilling positive realistic goals.”​ - Maria C., Online Client

“I want to thank you for being such an amazing influence in my life this past month.  You have gone above and beyond what I have ever expected from a trainer (especially considering that you are on the other side of the country!).  You have been so responsive, encouraging and helpful, that it has made me feel like I have to do the best for myself because if Leti is so invested in my health, why shouldn't I be?  I know you're a busy person and I was honestly surprised you even had time to email me when I first asked you about online training.  I just want to let you know that I appreciate it soooo much.  You are changing lives out here. Regardless of my physical progress, I've already made mental strides in how I think about myself, talk to myself, and feel about myself.  I've been slipping up lately, but I will keep trying to improve.  My sister and a friend have also been inspired by seeing me work hard, so they are working to improve themselves too.  Your gifts keep giving on.  Thank you soooo much for everything you do!" Marisol S., Online Client

“You truly are an inspiration. Your dedication and commitment to all of us goes above and beyond a thank you. You have made me realize so many things that are important, not just the weight loss part of the journey but also the commitment to health and change. You are one hell of a trainer that has showed us how to kick ass and see results... Love ya" Magaly R., Online Client


Disclaimer: Individual results will vary from person to person.

*Outdoor Bootcamps no longer offered


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