"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a LIFETIME."



$50 Buy In


LAST POT: $2800


Every other month, I have a Challenge for all full-time Personal Training and Online Coaching clients.

The pot will determined by the number of people who sign up, and reward will be divided by those who make their goal. So for example if 10 people sign up the pot is $500. If only 5 people made their goal, they each get $100.

(Challenge is optional to all trainees and is not automatically part of the training. It is an additional incentive to achieve their goals. Buy-in separate from training cost.)


What You'll Get:


● Nutritional Guidance and training on how track Macros (flexible dieting/IIFYM)

● Daily Support and Feedback via Online Training Portal/MyFitnessPal/Email

● Two Workout Plans to chose from:

  1. Traditional Online Training - No gym required, suitable for ALL levels.

  2. NEXT Program -  For those of you who would like to take their training to the NEXT   level, this program is for you. You need to be comfortable with the squat rack. This will require a gym or home gym. Suitable for intermediate and more advanced levels

● 5 workouts a week for the month scheduled through my online training portal, with video instruction on every exercise. This online training portal allows me to see your missed workouts so that I can help keep you accountable.

● Monthly Skype/Facetime sessions to talk about progress, setbacks, obstacles and successes!

● Possible client showcase on Instagram/Facebook with amazing dedication and results

Month to Month $129

OR you can get the workouts with no coaching for ONLY $39/month.

(No Skypes, Nutritional Checkups, bi-weekly weigh ins, Email access, etc).


I want all my trainees to understand that this will take time and patience for this to work. This is not weight loss handed on a silver platter. You must put in the work on your own. You must practice discipline on the weekends. And you must believe that TRUE results take time. This will not happen overnight. The program is tough, but just go with what you feel you can do, and you'll progress from there. With that said, IF YOU’RE READY, I’M READY.  



In my opinion, accountability, camaraderie, and support are by far the most important thing in beginning your weight loss journey, so I invite you to be part of the Reconstruction Revolution. If you feel you are ready to change your life and have an accountability partner with you every step of the way, I'm your girl.


     Blue Republic CrossFit

     3328 Pico Blvd

      Santa Monica, CA 90405 

One-on-one Training:

  • Session-to-session: $75.00

  • 10- 1 hour sessions: $700 ($50 savings. Can be split up in 2 payments due before the 1st and 5th session)

  • 20- 1 hour sessions: $1300 ($200 savings. Can be split up in 2 payments due before the 1st, and 5th session)


Two or more Person Training: Email me for details and availability.

Fitness, Weight Loss, Coaching

Email: Reconstructionbyleti@gmail.com​

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