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Hannah C.

"Excuses? I have 100's of them. Could I blame my fibromyalgia and the 6 major surgeries for not getting to the gym? Yep! Could I blame my ex-husband for gaining 70 lbs? I would like to! But when it comes to down to it, I am responsible for who I am EACH DAY. Was this easy? Hell no! Did I cry in the middle of a workout? Like a baby! But I knew I was fighting for my life and I will continue to fight for it. I am ready to see what this year brings, because I know there is one hot momma underneath this layer of sugar. I couldn't have done this without you, Leti. Thank you for sharing your story and knowledge. I know because you were able to overcome your obstacles I can overcome mine. I too, hope to inspire those who may share the same struggles" Thank YOU Hannah, for proving it could be done when you really want it. Even during the holidays.

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