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Christina J

Some of you may know Christina as the “post it” client ♥️ she was the first one I had do this and it has been amazing to see so many of you DM me on your own!

I have been training Christina for a year and a half. She has always been a bad ass, but more recently around February I had her all to myself She volunteers for the Red Cross and they always had her go to hurricane and disaster areas for weeks or months at a time. When she got back from the latest trip, she said “Ok, it’s go time! I’m free till at least June!” We train 5x a week, and have seen her run her first 5K nonstop, deadlift 200, tolerate burpees (lol), and so many other amazing things. But beyond that, she skips on the fast food her family can bring home at times. THATS the kicker. She stays strong and it fucking shows. So inspired by her.

Give it up to Christina. My BAB

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