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Jerrilyn S.

Jerrilynn is heading to Vegas today to celebrate Valentine's Day with her man.. She told me she wanted to feel confident this weekend. Well Jerrilynn, in the last pics you sent me, I can see in your smile just how amazing you feel. And girl, I feel it with you! You have made me so freaking proud of your efforts. The 700 calorie burns, the daily nutritional check-ins. And you are just GETTING STARTED. I get so many emails asking me how to get started. With all the bullshit out there, I don't blame you for the uncertainty. I know how bad you want it. But you just need a nudge in the right direction. Let me TEACH YOU. I am here to make sure you succeed in the long run. No gimmicks, no products to buy. And in the end, you will come out empowered. Congratulations @strongbeach_5. Have fun out there. Have a drink for me!

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