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Christina N.

So this little lady needs a major kick in the ass lol. And I'm hoping by her seeing this, she gets that motivation she's been needing lately. Christina has been one of my most perfect trainees since I began doing online coaching over 2 years ago. She progressed even when she couldn't get her workouts in because as we all know, nutrition is the most important part, and this chick is a macro tracking queen. But yeah, lately she hasn't been giving me enough sweat sessions and by seeing her progress put out there in the IG world, maybe it'll inspire her. Because I know deep down, she misses those therapy sessions.

So join me in congratulating @earnthatbodyrock on her bad ass progress! Truly inspiring, isn't it?

It is not too late to join us for August! I finalize my list in the next coming days to begin Monday! Who's ready?

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