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Louie B.

My brother texted me, "Little Sis, your bro needs a little help losing my beer gut". Told him, "Well, the beer might have something to do with it lol".


My brother was always the only skinny one in our family growing up. A football player, a former U.S. Marine, he was always fit. So its always a little funny to me now that the former fat little sister is now coaching my brother lol. I put him through the same program I have my ladies do, had him counting macros and told him to lay off the beer. 2 months in, and look at him! So damn proud!


He and I, and my trainees will all be partaking in my Road to Summer Challenge starting on Monday. If he loses 10% of his body weight by June 30th, I owe him $100. And vice versa. As far as my trainees: If they lose 10% of their body weight from Monday to June 30th, they get 3 months FREE online training. Personal Training clients get free sessions!


You down to join us for the challenge? Hit me up!

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